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Automatic Vertical L-Bar Sealing Machines


The 800 Series Vertical Sealing Machines is manufactured with advanced design and innovated technology. The machine 802 is controlled via a PLC which allows the operator to set the different times for the sealing operating, the temperature of the blades and also the length of film that is to be used.  The machine has a variable conveyor speed controller which makes the machine ideal for both manual and automatic feeding. The vertical sealing height is adjustable to the height of the product, allowing for the sealing line to be in the center of the package. The machine is easy to operate and high in efficiency.


Some of the machine features are:

  • Quick change over between productions and sizes.
  • Horizontal and Vertical sensors for the packaging of different products.
  • The knives are set on four shafts and the height is mechanically adjusted.
  • Solid knife sealing blades make a consistent seal and are long lasting.
  • Automatic film advance allows for light weight products to easily be fed through.
  • Automatic waste removal system.
  • Can use with existing tunnels or you can choose from our wide selection.
  • Can come with optional features such as a kissing device for small products (Standard on 801) and touch screen control.






Product Size  L x W x H (in)

(4" - 22") x (2 3/8" - 18") x (3/8" - 8 5/8")

Sealing Blade Size L x W (in)

24 7/8" x 20 1/2"

Max. Film Width (in)


Max. Speed (Pieces/min)


Max. Conveyor Speed (ft/min)

0 - 60

Power (Volt. / Ph. / Amps)

220 / 1 / 15

Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in)

78 3/4" x 60" x 51 3/4"

Air Requirements (PSI)






















Product Size  L x W x H (mm)

(101 - 558) x (50 - 457) x (10 - 218)

Max. Film Width (mm)


Max. Speed (Pieces/min)


Max. Conveyor Speed (m/min)


Power (Kw)


Overall Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

2000 x 1450 x 1315

Air Requirements (Kg/cm²)

















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