Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine:


The RB-30 machine is the most advanced equipment used to manufacture rigid boxes (such as boxes for shoes, shirts, underwear, gifts, food, tools, etc.). The equipment has a PLC programmable control, photoelectric tracing system and touch screen -sensitive, feeds the paper, glued to cardboard and fold it with its robot arm can wrap the box that comes in a single process. The entire process is automatic, eliminating high costs of labor while making excellent quality boxes.





Size of the finished box

The size of the box is adjustable as long as it is in the above dimension ranges.

Max. Speed (pieces/min)

20 - 25

Paper Wrap Thickness (gsm)

100 - 160 (smooth)

Cardboard Blank Thickness (mm)

0.8 - 3  (The same thickness and smooth)

Power (V/ Hz/ Kw)

220 / 60 / 20

Weight (Kg) 8000
Position Error (mm) ± 0.5
Overall Dimensions (mm)
L 6800 × W 3500 × H 2600


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